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Covid – 19 Vaccine

How to book an appointment

Wait to be contacted

We will be contacting people when it is their turn to be booked in for their first (or second) vaccination. If you have a mobile phone number on your medical record then you will be invited to book by text message. There will be a link to click on which will then take you through the process.

We are using a service that allows you to book appointments from your mobile, tablet or desktop. Don’t worry if you can’t do this as we will book you by phone but don’t phone us, we will phone you.

If you do not have a smartphone, we will contact you by telephone or letter.

The only personal information you will be asked about is your date of birth. Be aware there are scams around pretending to be offering vaccination appointments. If you do not have a mobile number or a smart phone then do not worry, we will contact you by email or phone.

Couples who are both eligible should try and attend together but both need booked appointments.

When will I receive my 2nd dose?

You will receive an invite for your 2nd Covid-19 vaccination at or around 12 weeks following your 1st dose.

We receive deliveries weekly. However, due to the way in which vaccinations are allocated nationally we cannot guarantee whether the stock due will be the Pfizer/BioNtech or the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

It is important that your 2nd vaccination is of the same type as your 1st, and that you receive it at the same site. Therefore, as soon as we have the available stock and you are due your 2nd dose (based on the date and your NHS group identity) you will be contacted.

Why have some been able to book their 1st and 2nd dose at the same time?

If you are eligible to book your vaccination via the NHS booking system here, you are able to book both appointments at the same time.

However, the bookings are subject to stock and availability and may be cancelled or postponed if the stock available is not the vaccination you require.

News update:

We would like to share some fantastic news with our service users. Today (09.03.21) we have been advised our Primary Care Network (PCN) is the Best in the Country having administered Vaccines to 97.5% of our older population.

Covid-19: Gloucestershire neighbourhood has only vaccinated 20% of over-65s | Daily Mail Online