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Test results

How to get your test results?

When your GP arranges for you to submit a blood test/ urine sample/ stool sample the result will usually come back about a week later.

The quickest and easiest way to view your results is online via The NHS app or your chosen patient access provider.

If any of the results are abnormal then the surgery will contact you. This could be by a text message (a letter if we do not have your mobile phone number) or phone call asking you to make an appointment. We often send the appointment with the notification that you need to discuss the results further with us.

Please do not worry if you receive this message. We will always make appointments in a timely manner and say if you need to be seen urgently and if you actually need to come in or whether a telephone consultation would be sufficient.

If your results are normal you will not routinely receive a text or letter. You are welcome to call reception after 1pm to confirm that your results are normal if you do not have access to the NHS app or online services.

X-ray and scan reports can take longer than this to come back to your GP. As with other tests, if there is anything which your doctor wishes to discuss with you then the surgery will send you a message.

Tests which are arranged by hospital consultants (CT scan and MRI’s) do not come automatically back to your GP until after you have seen the hospital doctor and been given the result personally.